Fact and fiction merged in recent weeks.

NBC launched the TV series The Event U.S. Air Force officers held a press conference about UFO interfering with U.S. nuclear weapons.
Both the new NBC series and the press briefing describe scenarios involving visitation to Earth.by what appear to be extraterrestrials or some other kind of beings.
In the two situations, there are many unanswered questions.It looks like journalism is at a tipping point.
Aliens and alien visitations are take seriously! Is there something in the kettle we dont know about.
There is no doubt that mainstream media is manipulated by some unknown force. And it looks like that that unknown force has decided MSM should take the matter serious.
The senario is played out by players from the himalaya we never see.
The outcome might be real disclosure , and might be the real explanation of the Phoenix lights.
Wait and see!

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