Mazlan Othman story..

It is the same story told a thousand times and it never gets boring. I wonder why ?
Mazlan Othman , a Malasyian astrophysicist was suposedly appointed as an alien ambasador.
The news spread out like a wildfire. Othman doused the flames with denial.

Lets look at the big picture here.

'Mazal Othman's speech to the Royal Society next week will be about how Earth will deal with a problem that actually exists, a possible collision with near-earth objects.'

Actually exists? I ask. So there is an actual near-earth collision threath ? And extraterrestial intelligent life doesnt exist ? Ok for now the majority of the public will accept near-earth collision as a fact. That is what I mean with the same old story.
You make something true by comparing it with something unbelievable. In this case a possible collision with a near earth object.