Psychic Vampires

Ok this on is on psychic vampires. Stefanie schroeder emailed me this after I put an tweet about psychic vampires on twitter.
I've read it and translated it into english. I don't agree with eVerything Stefanie says but thanks anyway.Perhaps there is some truth in it.

Translation by Ray-K.


They do exist!
An psychic vampire drains your psychic energy. psychic vampires are not bad persons often they drain people without their knowledge.
Your neighbour , your aunt or eVen your best friend could be an psychic vampire without eVen knowing.. You can actually get sick from them.
There are seVeral types of psychic vampires. One factor that they all have in common is that you feel psychicly drained after spending time with them. Protect yourself!

Some tips from Stefanie in dealing with PV's

Don't go with them in the eleVator.
Don't walk with them down the stairs.
If you have to be with in a car,be a passenger !
Let them multitask so much as possible , I mean don't let them focus on you !
Don't look them in the eyes for too long.
Don't spend too much time with them.
If you have to spend time with them do it outside , in a forrest or in a crowded place.
Change your clothes after you encounted them. (Sounds silly but it works)
If they were in your home, open your back and front door for about 5 minutes.
Dont get too emotional when they are with you.

PV's are NOT bad people , they simply have an psychic ability that they can't control. Only a very few of them use their power consciously. (CPV's)

Here is a video I found about psychic vampires. A bit overexagerated I think but very informative!

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