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05/02/2010 Alt new Manifest about E.T and UFO's.Something is really going to happen to this planet. Manifest
23/08/2010 Alt new Bosnian Pyramids , bigger than Gizeh , between 15000 and 45000 old. Isn't it time to rewrite human history ?
23/08/2010 Alt Doc Underground Bases. Are they real ? Why is it so hard to believe that there really are underground bases build by atomic tunneling machines... Documentary from Ufo Hunters
21/08/2010 Alt news Parallel universes, unknown forms of matter, extra dimensions... These are no cheap science fiction but very concrete physics theories that scientists are trying to confirm with the LHC and other experiments...
21/08/2010 Alt docu Nice little doc from the BBC about parallel universes. If it's true , we might be living in a Sci-fi movie ;)
20/08/2010 site news Updated my site , have a look at it here...
20/08/2010 alt news The Ancient Aliens series. Really fantastic , there is so much evidence that we have been visited by aliens. Just look at it...
16/08/2010 alt news Ufo's above Manhattan and El paso , If you ve read my tweets you would know that I predicted an increase in ufoactivity. It's now all played down. And FAA says it might be... the famous weatherballoon. Sorry but I think this weatherballoon has 6 dimensions;)
12/08/2010 alt news Uso's : Unidentified submerged objects. Ufo's coming out of our ocean's. Do Ufo's really swim ? There is alot of evidence that says yes....
12/08/2010 alt news Cropcircles. is there an link with Ufo's or are they just hoaxes ? I tend to believe they are not a weather phenomenon , but made by humans , or perhaps by ... extraterrestial beings ?
12/08/2010 site news Preview of new site ready, a mambo/joomla driven website. Big plans for the future! A forum and live rss newsfeeds. Well anyway thanks goes out to all my friends who made this possible. Here a preview...
12/08/2010 Alt News Is 911 a coverup , 9 years later. people are asking questions among them high ranking officials like Anthony Shaffer. What if it WAS a coverup. Would that mean that there is a government within our government ?
12/08/2010 Alt News Impossible Ancient Artifacts. OOPA'S do they suggest that extraterrestials were on this planet ?
12/08/2010 News Remains of a lost artic civilisation found.
11/08/2010 News Why is NASA photoshopping ? They admited it !
11/08/2010 Alt news Is ET knocking at our doors ? Et coming
10/08/2010 news Deadly Toxic Red sludge heading towards river Toxic Sludge
10/06/2010 Alt news The day before disclosure from paradigm film watch free more on Disclosure Movie
10/06/2010 News Scientists and Soldiers Solve a Bee Mystery Honey Bee Mystery
10/06/2010 Reader News A letter from Stefanie Schoeder about Psychic Vampires
10/06/2010 Alt News Puma Punku how could ancients move stones that weigh more than 100tons Puma Punku
10/06/2010 Alt News Nice! some facts about 2012 by HowStuffWorks
10/06/2010 Alt News Wang Sichao predicts increase in UFO activity above China 2011-2012 Ufo's over China
10/06/2010 Site News Extrastart update : some links didn´t work sorry for that.Now fixed!  
10/06/2010 Alt News The world changed after 9/11. There are many reasons to reopen 9/11 I think people have the right to ask them 911 Reopen
10/06/2010 News Garry McKinnon70 years imprisonment. Why such a reaction ? Has the government something to hide Garry McKinnon
10/06/2010 Alt News It all started with snippy. Abducting and mutilating animals. A interesting video from japan Cow Mutilation
10/06/2010 Alt News Firefighter reports Ufo followed by 7 black helicopters Black Helicopters
10/06/2010 Alt News Project Stargate: Is it possible to remote view another planet.Does the CIA secretly use remoteviewers ? Project Stargate
10/06/2010 News Journalism Tipping Point: Media Coverage of UFOs Now taken Seriously Tipping point media.
10/05/2010 News Is the Starchild-Skull the skull of an alien hybrid. DNA testing says yes! Starchild-Skull
10/05/2010 Alt News The Dropa Stones a Chinese Roswell ? Dropa Stones
10/05/2010 News China has pyramids too.Video on the Great White Pyramid. Chinese Pyramid
10/05/2010 News Michio Kaku a famous scientist explains why we hadn´t contact with extraterestials already. Michio Kaku
10/05/2010 News Phobos is a moon of Mars. Some say that there is a monolith on phobos.Is it natural or artificial ? Phobos Monolith
10/05/2010 Alt News Ever heard of Nuclear Subterrenes that move through solid rock at a speed of 7 miles a day ? Do they exist ? Nuclear Subterrenes
10/05/2010 News What if this world has more than 3 dimensions. Lets say 10. Not my idea but a theory of the most famous scientists of this planet. Why would they think that ? Find out here Dimensions Untangled. Dimensions Untangled.
10/05/2010 Alt News Nice little video from HowStuffWorks about the federal reserve. The Federal Reserve
10/04/2010 News Mazlan Othman , the hype about aliens is getting into astronomical proportions, Stephen Hawking + Mazlan Othman + Gliese = disclosure ? More and more officials are talking about the possibility of extraterestial life , Mazlan Othman a hoax , a misunderstanding or disinfo ?
10/04/2010 Site news Is disclosure coming ? Why such a fuzz about aliens,earthlike planets,the UN and so ? My opinion here Connect the dots
10/01/2010 Site news Start Well I've decided to start a new site for me and my friends. Please be patient with me. NewSite