Is E.T knocking at our doors ?

Nowadays it looks like everyone is seeing ufo's. Why ?
I'dont know. Today i've looked on a site of one of my followers, @buddhkist (I actually do that sometimes).
There was a video on it called 'UFO cloaks as Jupiter!?! ' . No further explanation needed... The title speaks for itself.
Yes more and more of those video's appear on the internet but they are not the only remarkable thing in this decade of ever increased UFO attention.
Today more than 83 new UFO sightings on MUFON the mutual ufo network.
A week ago the Mazlan Othman (audio ) fuzz about being an alien ambasador.
The anouncement of NASA of a earthlike planet only 20 lightyears away
The increase in ufos over china and the warning about aliens of outerspace by Stephen hawking

And last but not least the tipping point in the main stream media. Are there signs that something is about to happen ?
Tomorrow is the magical date 10-10-10, what will it bring ?
Another follower of mine tweeted quote: 'that they are gona land 10-10-10 10-10-10 10-10-10 10-10-10 ...etc'.
I don't believe so but then again he might be right.
Is E.T. knocking at our doors ?

R.Koster @nynomatica

Ufo Cloaks a Jupiter !?