Why so much Ufo's over China?

Recently, reports of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) have been occurring frequently in China !
On July 7 this year, more than 20 flights were postponed because of a sighting.
Whenever such reported sightings occur,
Wang Sichao, a research fellow at the Purple Mountain Observatory (PMO) , is much busier than usual.
In addition to studying the sightings, Wang, who started work on UFOs nearly 40 years ago, has to check and reply to mail about UFOs from all across China.
Lately, Wang predicted "great events" concerning UFOs were going to come out in China in the next two years.
In an interview with Beijing Review, he shared his views and stories with reporter Tang Yuankai.

Is it perhaps because of the Great White Pyramid ?
Is there an connection with the Dropa stones ?
Or is it our governent spying ?

Edited excerpts follow: COURTESY OF WANG SICHAO Beijing Review: more on Beijing Review..

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