The Out of Place artifact.

Ever heard about OOPa's ?
OOPa is short for Out-of-place artifact (OOPArt).
OOPa finding is like finding an Ipod in an ancient maya temple.
There are a alot of OOPa's on this planet !
Main stream media and science archeologists greatly ignore OOPa's.
Archeologists that research OOPa's are often considered Pseudo-scientics.
Some OOPa's might be explained due to the presence of Extraterrestials on this planet.
Examining OOPa's might change the view we have of our ancestors..

RiaanBooysen has a site dedicated to OOPa's. A very good and informative site!

Video about OOPa's on youtube
Wwhat do you think were there Aliens involved ? I think yes but then again I might be wrong.

youtube link here


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