An Alien is an intelligent being that is not from this earth.
If you have seen an Alien it is best not to talk about it.
Simply forget it ever happened.
If you still want to talk about it its best to do it on the internet.
Afterall anything is possible on the net


My Opinion.

Ever heard about the Drake equotation ? The Drake equotation is used to estimate the number of detectable extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy. There are according to this equotation many other planets in our Milky Way that inhabit intelligent Live. The equotation does assume that there is only one universe and that universe is three dimensional. Many theories in modern physics assume that there are more than 3 dimensions. The relativity theory for instance is based on a four dimensional universe.One of the most promising theory is the brane theory that is based on eleven dimensions !
Our universe might not be the only one in existance. Hugh everett , has postulated the many worlds theory.

Before we go any further : The word 'Theory'.

Some people think that theory means something like 'scientific fantasy'. That simply isn't true ! A scientific theory is always based on facts. This means that if modern physics predicts that there are more than 3 dimensions it might be true because it is based on facts.


Nature is very very smart. There is not one point in the known universe that's empty. That's a fact ! It's my opinion that the other dimensions aren't empty either. So what will be the outcome of the Drake equotation in an let's say eleven dimensional universe ? One can only conclude that there must be numerous alien civilisations. Aliens from outerspace and other dimensions. So why haven't we been visited you might ask. The fact is that we have been visited and are visited right now. I can't debunk every ufo sighting or alien abduction there is. Some cases are proof of extraterrestial intervention. There is a documentary on ancient aliens that I would like to share with you watch it (click on picture) and form your own opinion.